2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Sexuality and Space Specialty Group
Business Meeting Minutes
AAG 2018
New Orleans, LA
11:50 AM – 1:10 PM

Present: 19 members

  • Julie welcomed everyone and asked us to look over the agenda, asking if there were any additions. By acclamation, we agreed that there were no additions.
  • There was a motion to adopt the agenda from the membership, which was seconded. We agreed to adopt the agenda by acclamation.
  • Next, we reviewed the 2017 minutes as a group.
    • There was a question of whether we needed to amend the secretary and treasurer positions to two years. The group was not sure and agreed that the point was up for debate.
    • Otherwise, minutes were moved, seconded, and approved by acclamation from the members.
  • Next was the Chair’s report from Sophonie and Julie:
    • This year, AAG observed a slight decrease in attendance, which may be a result of it being more difficult getting International flights to NOLA
    • There are now 71 specialty groups! Now, new specialty groups have to get signatures, approval from current groups, and explain why they are unique from other groups that may be cover similar topics/issues (for example, we signed off on chartering the Latinx group)
    • There was a question from the audience: Can groups with more power veto new groups? The answer was no – AAG doesn’t want to discourage innovation, but it does want to avoid having too many groups that overlap. The AAG council does have veto power.
    • Who can contact AAG about financial matters? Only the chair and treasurer can contact AAG about their group’s finances, such as balances, awards, reimbursements, etc.
    • AAG Council only received 12 specialty group reports last year. There’s more of a push to encourage more groups to submit reports on a regular basis; the best time to submit is in the fall (October)
  • Derek provided the treasurer’s report: He noted that there was no new information besides what was already included in the PPT presentation (balance: appr. $1,735)
  • Rae provided the paper competition report:
    • Winners
      • First place: Shea Ellen Gilliam, “The Radical Adventures of a Trans Girl in Cis-land: An Autoethnographic Account of Unplanned Activism in the Roller Derby Subculture”
      • Second place: Tai Jacobs, “Be/longing?: Trans theory un-housed and un-selved: Undoing the self, gender, and the nation through the trans body”
    • We had 8 papers and the represented very diverse positionalities
    • Max Andrucki advertised on queer phd, which helped
    • Shea didn’t make it to AAG this year, but Rae has contacted her and she’s preliminarily agreed to chair the competition committee next year
      • Sophonie needs to write formal congrats & ask to be chair next year
    • Preconference report
      • Went really great, so much thanks to Max
      • Numbers were a little small, but it was a very good day
      • Thank you to JP Catungal and Max for helping to organize the paper sessions, plenary panel, and inviting the keynote speaker
      • Notes for the 2020 preconference in the powerpoint
        • The organizers for the 2020 preconference should expect some difficulties staying in touch with hosts, plenty of leftover food, and should try to avoid rush printing
      • Sophonie is working on finalizing the preconference e-booklet (a digital version of the preconference program)
      • Preconferences will occur every other year unless the board decides otherwise; organizing a preconference takes work in addition to activities that members are involved in with the AAG
        • It’s difficult not to have a local person on the ground to organize the preconference; Sophonie and Joyce did a lot of last-minute running around
      • Sophonie had the social media report
        • SXSSG owns two Gmail accounts which can be used for central communication
        • SXSSG Google Drive folder
        • Spreadsheet with all the passwords and logins
        • Keeping records helps with institutional memory and organization
        • Sophonie is trying to build a digital archive – if you have anything from past conferences, please send it to her (chairsssg@gmail.com)
      • Elections:
        • There were two positions open
          • Co-chair – 2018-2020
            • There were no nominations besides Rae Rosenberg; Rae won by acclamation
          • Community liaison officer – 2018/2020
            • This position was not filled for the 2017-2018 year
            • Sophonie took on this role on top of being co-chair
            • In the past, the position has been filled intermittently depending on if anyone with the skills were on the board
            • There was a brief discussion of whether we should eliminate this position when we update the bylaws
              • It was agreed that the position was needed
            • No nominations for this position
              • Julian Barr (UW) nominated himself for the position; Julian won by acclamation
            • Next year’s AAG: Washington DC
              • We have a couple of people who know the city
              • When we don’t have a preconference, we organize AAG sessions instead
              • AAG offers funds we can apply for to bring in non-geographers to give a lecture/keynote
              • Organizing a “conference within a conference” might be a more accessible option than a preconference since it wouldn’t require attendees to book their rooms early
              • Passed around the sign-up sheet for anyone who is interested in helping organize AAG 2019. Most people signed up to be reviewers for the paper competition
            • Form a bylaws committee to review the bylaws
              • The last version of the bylaws is from 1999 (first permanent bylaws)
              • Max, Rae, Sophonie agreed to serve
            • Any other business?
              • Max asked if anyone had any new publications or research/writing updates that they wanted to share
                • Julie is working on a book!
                • Natalie Oswin has a book coming out
                • David Seitz’s A House of Prayer coming out!
                  • If you want a discount at the both, he has flyers
                • Rae had two publications last year
                • Will, Michael, and Larry published a chapter last year in the Handbook on Urban Politics titled “Queering Urban Ecology”
                • Petra Doan and Linda Johnson are coming out with the Routledge Research Companion to Transgender Studies
              • We’ve talked for years about creating a bibliography on the website
                • Natalie Oswin is going to ask her students to help with that
              • Suggestion: Organize an author meets critic for next year for Natalie’s book at AAG 2019
              • Rae mentioned the possibility of having a couple of trans*-related sessions next year, which he is happy to help organize
              • Goal: Collaborate with other related specialty groups, especially Latinx, Indigenous, and Black Geographies

Meeting adjourned at 12:45

Download the minutes here.