Digital Archives

The idea for the SXSSG Digital Archive was formed during one of the SXSSG panels at AAG2017 titled Sexuality and Space: 20+1Sexuality and Space: 20+1 was a series of panels that marked the 21st anniversary of the specialty group. The panels took a look back at the formation of the specialty group and the past, current, and future state of the subfield of sexuality and space. As copies of past communications from the specialty group were passed around, some of the members realized that much of the history and memory of SXSSG had not been properly documented. It was decided that a digital archive was a creative way to showcase SXSSG’s past and present.

With the loss and misplacement of files and documents over time, this archive is by no means comprehensive and there are many missing pieces, particularly from the early years of SXSSG. We have gathered available items and hope to continue gathering more. The 2017-2018 Executive Board has also begun keeping SXSSG’s records in a central location to help in maintaining “institutional” memory, which is why there are more items from that year on.

If you have any documents pertaining to SXSSG (old minutes, photographs, videos, flyers, etc.) and wouldn’t mind sharing it, then send us a copy at with a description. We’ll be happy to receive items from any year, but items from 2010 and earlier are a priority. We’ll even credit you when posting items if you prefer.