The Sexuality and Space Specialty Group (SXSSG) is a specialty group of the American Association of Geographers (AAG), the largest annual academic conference for scholars and professionals within the discipline and field of geography in the United States. SXSSG promotes and facilitates scholarly inquiry on topics related to sexuality within the discipline of geography.

Founded in 1996, SXSSG’s purpose is to foster geographic interest on issues related to sexuality, encourage geographic research and scholarship on topics related to sexuality, promote the communication of geographic perspectives on sexuality in curriculum development, and to further the exchange of ideas and information on the intersections of geography and sexuality.

Each year, at AAG, SXSSG organizes engaging sessions and lectures from leading scholars in the field that further the group’s purpose. SXSSG also sponsors AAG sessions and panels on topics that intersect with geographies of sexualities, such as the environment/nature, race, immigration, and digital studies, among others.

Certain members of SXSSG may also meet at regional conferences, such as Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers (SEDAAG), a subdivision of the AAG that meets in November and represents members throughout the southeastern U.S. in states such as Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee, among others. SXSSG continues to organize throughout the year.