Call for Poster Abstracts

The Sexuality and Space Specialty Group (SXSSG) invites abstracts for the first Sexuality and Space Poster Session at the upcoming 2019 Annual Meeting of the AAG in Washington, D.C. (April 3-7, 2019). The SXSSG’s goal is to promote and facilitate scholarly and other geographic inquiry into human sexualities and related issues, such as:

  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) identities, communities and politics
  • Practices and spaces of desires, reproductions, intimacies, intercourses, and relationships
  • Couples, families, single people and other forms of organizing social-sexual lives

AND their intersections with…

  • Race, gender, class, dis/ability, religion
  • Migration and im/mobility
  • Health and social services
  • And many more!

We are interested in posters that deal substantially with questions related to these topics. Poster sessions draw large audiences and create a dynamic and exciting venue for participants to interact with attendees. Presenting a poster is also an effective way for participants to communicate their research to interested colleagues, allowing more opportunities for one-on-one discussion.

Poster Session Eligibility

The Sexuality and Space Poster Session is open to any faculty or student currently enrolled in an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree program in Geography or a related discipline presenting posters on any sexuality and space-related topic. Posters must be the original works of students and may have been previously presented at other conferences or forums within the past year. Posters may also be co-authored. Presenters from institutions in or outside of the United States are welcomed.

Poster Session Submission Guidelines

  1. Register for the Annual Meeting (all participants must pay the registration fee; the poster session organizer won’t be able to include participants if they don’t register).
  2. Submit an abstract through the AAG submission portal by January 31 (all participants must submit their own abstracts to the AAG system; the poster session organizer won’t be able to include participants if they don’t submit an abstract).
  3. Reach out to the Sexuality and Space Poster Session Organizer, Sophonie Bazile (, with your name, registration PIN, your affiliation, your poster’s title, and whether you are faculty, undergraduate student, or graduate (Master’s or PhD) student for inclusion in the session. Use “SXSSG Poster Session Submission” in the subject line. Students should also indicate if they will be participating in the student poster competition (see the following page for details).

Student Poster Competition

All student presenters may enter the Sexuality and Space Poster Competition for a chance to be awarded a prize of $100. In addition to the poster session eligibility requirements, students may only submit or be a participant in one poster presentation for the competition. Students participating in the competition must be able to attend the 2019 Annual Meeting of the AAG to be eligible for the award. Only one winner will be chosen; the award will be divided equally among co-authors, if applicable.

Poster Specifications

  • Size: 4’ x 8’ (landscape-oriented only)

Poster Competition Guidelines

  • Subject matter for the poster must be related to sexuality and space.
  • There is no limitation on how many colors can be used on the poster as long as they are appropriate to convey your research to audiences.
  • Original photography, magazine clippings, etc., may be utilized on the poster so long as proper credit is provided.
  • Both poster visuals and texts should be of sufficient size for easy viewing/reading at a distance of four feet (4’).

Judging Criteria

  • Content and Relevance ‐ Posters capture important information about the topic and increase the audiences’ understanding. Also, is relevant to sexuality and space.
  • Communication and Knowledge – Presenter demonstrated knowledge/expertise on the topic.
  • Organization/Logical Sequencing of Ideas and Space ‐ Information is organized with clear titles and subheadings. All graphics were related to the topic and made it easier to understand. The overall arrangement of information flowed logically.
  • Quality of Visual Materials ‐ All information on the poster was in focus and can be easily viewed and identified from a distance. The poster has an appropriate graphic-to-text ratio for the topic. All visuals supported the author’s purpose.
  • Mechanics ‐ No grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.
  • Presentation ‐ The presentation was not too hurried or too slow. The presenter spoke clearly and established a connection with the audience.

Poster Display

Posters will be displayed in a large Poster Hall that will be divided into several specialty group-themed poster sessions that will occur simultaneously.


Please email, Sophonie Bazile (, the SXSSG Co-Chair and the Sexuality and Space Poster Session Organizer, if you have any questions.

Additional Advantages of Poster Sessions

  • More posters presented by your group means fewer concurrent paper sessions on similar topics.
  • Well organized poster sessions facilitate great networking and knowledge transfer between presenters and attendees.
  • Attendees will see an impressive display of the range of research being done in your discipline, and they will easily discover the research that interests them.
  • AAG’s poster upload feature in the AAG Abstract Gallery offers excellent exposure
    to the author’s research. Authors can share a link to their poster on CVs, LinkedIn, and social media.



Registration for posters is cheaper:


You also get 3 extra months before abstracts are due (January 31) compared to paper abstracts (October 25).

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Download the CFP here.